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Greetings from the Chair

Seongnam: Technology Cluster of Fourth Industrial Revolution and Central City of the Nation's Innovative Growth

“In the united Seongnam, its citizens are the mayor.”

Greetings. I am Eun Su-mi, chairperson of the Board of SeongNam Industry Promotion Agency.
Welcome to the website of the SeongNam Industry Promotion Agency.

The core policy of Seongnam City under the seventh elected mayor is to make it Asia's Silicon Valley.
Asia's Silicon Valley Seongnam aims to create a unique innovation cluster, integrating the whole city's industry, housing, transportation, and culture.

SNIP is a vital organization for the successful implementation of Asia's Silicon Valley Seongnam Project.
We will change the entire city and suggest a new model by clustering industries based on regional characteristics, fostering Pangyo Techno Valley, Bundang Bio Complex,
Seongnam High-Tech Valley, Wirye Biz Valley and Baekhyeon MICE Complex.

Seongnam is the technology cluster of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the central city of the nation's innovative growth.
Only when Seongnam grows as a well-planned city for globalization will Korea's future brighten.

I really appreciate your interest in and support for SNIP and look forward to the active participation of enterprises in Seongnam in the future.

Chairperson of the Board of SeongNam Industry Promotion Agency Eun Su-mi picture
Chairperson of the Board of SeongNam Industry Promotion Agency
Eun Su-mi