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Greetings from the President

Creation of an Ecosystem for Futuristic Global Growth Industries

Cooperative Network for Research Clusters on Core Convergence Technologies

Technology cluster of Fourth Industrial Revolution
Creation of ecosystem in Seongnam, the central city for the nation's innovative growth!

Greetings. I am Ryu Hae-pil, president of SeongNam Industry Promotion Agency.
Thank you very much for visiting our website.

Seongnam is a city that conceives Korea's future growth engines as the cradle
and heart of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
In order to fulfill its mission, Seongnam City has been working on “Asia's Silicon Valley Seongnam” Project as a core task,
and SNIP is playing a pivotal role in the project.

To this end, SNIP is trying to offer answers and solutions to the questions
'"Who should come to Seongnam and why?” and, “What would be good for those coming to Seonnam?”from the perspectives of business, industry, citizen, and city.
이oing such will certainly enable Seongnam to "go beyond becoming Asia's Silicon Valley" and establish itself as the cluster for our innovative growth in the future and the next Silicon Valley.
We will do our best to enable businesses in Seongnam to achieve innovative growth and create a platform test bed for strategic industrial big data and a global innovation cluster.

This website is an open space where global innovative companies and small- and medium-sized venture enterprises in Seongnam meet.
We hope it will become a forum for communication and feedback dedicated to supporting small enterprises, nurturing local industries, and creating a global ecosystem.

I wish all small venture firms and startups in Seongnam success and
cordially ask for your continuous interest and participation in SNIP.

Ryu Hae-pil, President of SeongNam Industry Promotion Agency picture
Ryu Hae-pil,
President of SeongNam Industry Promotion Agency
Ryu Hae-pil