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Seongnam Senior Tech Startup Center

Seongnam Senior Tech Startup Center is offering entrepreneurship education and spaces to vitalize technology-based (nascent) startups run by middle-aged entrepreneurs (aged 40 or older ) possessing a career, network, and professionalism
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Business Introduction

  • Target
  • Content
  • Location
    #213-214, Seongnam Senior Experience Complex (26, Yatap-ro 205beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do)
  • Officer in charge
    Seongnam Senior Tech Startup Center Manager Kim Jin-gyeom Tel. +82-31-707-5962
Support details
Provision of a one-stop startup support service to foster capable, middle-aged entrepreneurs possessing experience and network
  • Excavation: Carrying out perception education and customized startup education for prospective retirees from large companies and public organizations
  • Education: Operation of practical startup curriculums for verification of business ideas and materialization of business plans for each center
  • Space: Creation of a startup environment for the middle-aged through diverse exchanges by providing support for accommodations, co-working and networking spaces
  • Incubation: Networking events, mentoring, management, marketing, and support for commercialization for middle-aged fledgling entrepreneurs