SeongNam Industry Promotion Agency

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K-Global Project (cooperation with KAIST)

In collaboration with KAIST, we transfer technology and operate follow-up support for technology commercialization by using KAIST-owned core resources (technology, patents, labor force, etc.).

Business Introduction

  • Target
    Briefing session on technology transfer, follow-up support for technology transfer, and global marketing support (IFA participation fee, publicity budget, etc.)
  • Content
  • Location
  • Officer in charge
    Assistant Manager Song Yun-jeong of ICT Convergent Industry Department Tel. +82-31-782-3073
Support details
구분,2층,3층으로 구성된 LH 창업지원주택 '창업지원시설' 관련표
Division Support contents
Briefing session on technical transfer
  • Period/frequency : 4 times a year (Mar., May, Jul., Oct.)
  • Support contents :Announcement of KAIST's promising patents on technology transfer and key patents related to Fourth Industrial Revolution, consultation for companies seeking technology transfer, etc.
  • Field : AI technology, IoT/wireless communication, machine learning/big data, bio/healthcare
Follow-up support for technical transfer
  • Target : Companies having received technology transfer from KAIST
  • Support contents :
    - Support for prototype production: Support for commercialization and design related to technology being subject to transfer
    - Technology marketing support: Survey and analysis of market information related to transferred technology
    - Technological coaching support: Support for technological marketing and technological transfer related to technological marketing
    Consulting support such as embodiment of BM model and establishment of technological portfolios
Global marketing support
  • Target : Small- and medium-sized venture enterprises and startups in Seongnam that received technology from KAIST
  • Support contents : Support for participation in booths in overseas exhibitions and production of publicity materials
    - Support scale: Approx. 4 companies
    - Exhibition name: IFA (international electronics fair in Berlin, Germany)