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Seongnam Venture Fund

Seongnam Venture Fund subsidizes promising small- and medium-sized venture enterprises and startups.
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Business Introduction

  • Target
    Small- and medium-sized venture enterprises in Seongnam
  • Content
    Laying the groundwork for continuous support by discovering companies in Seongnam which have excellent techniques in biology, healthcare, ICT, and consumer products and creating new funds aimed to nurture global companies through direct financial support
  • Location
  • Officer in charge
    Senior Official Lee Jeong-u of the Outside Resources Attraction Corps Tel. +82-31-782-3019
Investment procedures
지원내용 : 콘텐츠 개발비용 지원
1. Companies choose funds befitting their growth stages and major investment areas
2. Proceeding with investment consultation by contacting selected fund managers
3. Submission of materials necessary for investment (company introduction, business plan, etc.): company → fund manager
4. Fund managers decide on investment through internal screening based on submitted materials (2 weeks-1 month necessary)
Final notification on investment: fund manager → company
Procedures are subject to change, depending on fund managers
Operational status of Seongnam Venture Fund
구분,2층,3층으로 구성된 LH 창업지원주택 '창업지원시설' 관련표
Number Fund name Scale Manager Main Phone Number Major Investment Areas Homepage
6 Albatross Next Generation Fund KRW 29 billion Albatross Investment +82-70-4924-5090 AR, VR, healthcare, IoT, big data, All and platform service, etc. Shortcut
7 KB Digital Innovation Venture Capital Fund KRW 136 billion KB Investment +82-2-545-5091 Small- and medium-sized venture enterprises related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution Shortcut
8 Bokwang Youth Content Venture Capital Fund KRW 15 billion Bokwang Venture Capital +82-2-558-2092 Content platform using AR, VR, AI, IoT, big data, healthcare, etc.
9 Honest Smart City High Tech Venture Capital Fund KRW 19 billion KRW 19 billion +82-31-776-4770 AI, IoT, big data, cloud, 5G, smart healthcare, etc. Shortcut