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Patent Bank of SeongNam

Patent Bank of SeongNam is a trusted patent team that is open to companies and citizens all year round It induces the improvement of corporate value through the reinforcement of intellectual property of small- and medium-sized venture enterprises in Seongnam by offering solutions for the establishment of intellectual property strategies.
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Business Introduction

  • Target
    Small- and medium-sized venture enterprises in Seongnam and citizens of Seongnam
  • Content
    Counseling with intellectual property experts for life-cycle support of intellectual property rights, customized education, provision of priming water for patent applications, related certification and evaluation counseling, etc.
  • Location
    In front of the auditorium on 7F of SNIP (7F, 8, Seongnam-daero 331beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do)
  • Officer in charge
    Assistant Manager Yun Su-jin of Research Office for Policy Planning Tel. +82-31-782-3071
Support details
Free consulting with intellectual property experts
All-encompassing consulting services such as application procedure, information search, and conflict prevention as well as customized guidance for projects of related agencies
Provision of application expenses for intellectual property rights
Advance technological survey and provision of application expenses for patent/trademark/design
IP Scale-up consulting
Target: Small- and medium-sized venture enterprises and startups possessing, commercializing, and utilizing competitive IP
  • Provision of consulting expenses after carrying out primary consulting (no charge) like IP commercialization (linked to certification), IP finances (linked to investment, guarantee and mortgage loans), IP management, IP portfolio, IP assets due diligence, and IP cost reductions
Consulting on global IP strategy
Target: Small- and medium-sized venture enterprises in Seongnam planning to export goods in the overseas market and go abroad
  • Expecting resolution of export difficulties and market exploration through the provision of in-depth consulting expenses for conflict prevention, analysis of core patents of rival companies for the establishment of global strategy and avoidance design
ustomized education about intellectual property rights
Target: Citizens and officers in charge of intellectual property rights for companies
  • Education on what patent officials should know like SMEs' patent management methods, invention training, compensation for employees’ inventions, and intellectual property management certification and mentoring for each company