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Operation of Seongnam Joint Facility for Overseas Exhibitions

Support for export promotion such as entry and expansion into overseas markets through the operation of Seongnam Joint Facility for in overseas exhibitions
Operation of Seongnam Joint Facility for Overseas Exhibitions 사진 01

Business Introduction

  • Target
  • Content
    1 booth per company, shipping expenses, etc.
  • Location
  • Officer in charge
    Senior Official Kim Sang-hyeon of Enterprise Development Department Tel. +82-31-782-3052
Operation plan of Seongnam Joint Facility
구분,2층,3층으로 구성된 LH 창업지원주택 '창업지원시설' 관련표
Field Exhibition Schedule Exhibition Name Main Exhibited Items and Major Characteristics Scale of Support Officer in Charge
Total 4 times 30
General May 30-Jun. 2 Vietnam International Premium Products Fair in Ho Chi Minh [Vietnam's largest consumer goods exhibition]
Household appliances, food and beverages, beauty products, daily necessities, baby products, etc.
10 (+82-31-782-3048) Senior Official Jeong Wan-taek of Enterprise Development Department
Medical appliances Medical appliances Singapore Medical Fair Asia [Largest medical appliance exhibition in Southeast Asia]
Medical appliances, information and communications for hospitals, hospital expendables, medicine, etc.
※ Held biennially with Thailand
6 (+82-31-782-3050) Senior Official Na Hang-kwon of Enterprise Development Department
IT Sep. 27-Oct. 1 Dubai Gulf Information Technology Exhibition [One of world's top 3 ICT fairs]
Information and communications, electrics/electronics, home appliances, semiconductors, LED, etc.
6 (+82-31-782-3049) Senior Official Kim Jin-seon of Enterprise Development Department
Beauty treatment Nov. Cosmoprof Asia in Hong Kong [One of world’s top 3 beauty exhibitions]
Skincare, color cosmetics, beauty/body products
8 Assistant Manager Oh Ro-ra of Enterprise Development Department (+82-31-782-3054)
Support details
Mentoring support for export
  • Establishment of overseas marketing strategies and exploration of overseas buyers and management support
  • Support for trade business (trading procedures, preparation and review of related documents, customs clearance, etc.)
  • On-site counseling and mentoring on follow-up measures
Support for participation in exhibitions
  • About 70% of entry fee and equipment cost (varies depending on exhibition)
  • Merchandise shipping expenses, one-way, 1CBM, etc.
    ※ Criteria for exhibition support are subject to change.
Restrictions on participation
  • Participation is limited to twice a year and 3 times in 3 years
  • Companies having received support 3 times in the past three years cannot benefit for 1 year