SeongNam Industry Promotion Agency

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Support for Quality Processes of District-based Manufacturing

Enhancement of companies’ competitiveness by improving the quality of products and cutting production costs of manufactured goods through process improvements related to production lines, such as output, defect rates, and cost reductions of production goods, in Seongnam's manufacturing bases (fashion, food, handicraft, cosmetics, electrics, and electronics)

Business Introduction

  • Target
    Small- and medium-sized venture enterprises in district-based manufacturing in Seongnam [Manufacturers of fashion, food, handicraft, cosmetics, electrics and electronics]
  • Content
    Support of costs needed to improve performance of companies' produced goods and quality processes
  • Location
    In front of auditorium on 7F of SNIP (7F, 8, Seongnam-daero 331beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do)
  • Officer in charge
    Assistant Manager Hwang Seong-ho of Enterprise Development Department Tel. +82-31-782-3055
Support details
  • Seeking to strengthen the competitiveness of products by improving processes related to product production through the improvement of productivity, decrease in defect rates, and lowering of manufacturing costs of Seongnam's manufacturing bases (fashion, food, handicraft, cosmetics, electrics and electronics).
Project summary
  • Project period: Feb.-Dec. 2020
  • Support scale: 15 companies
  • Support amount: Up to KRW 1.5 million per company / [75% of total working expenses provided, 25% taken up by company]
Support contents
  • Support for process improvement in production and rebuilding of old production facilities
  • Support of equipment necessary for improving performance or using existing products and production
    Total support is paid in advance after agreement is signed [costs necessary for performance guarantee insurance claims and issuance related to the implementation of a project must be paid by companies]