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Financial Support for Improvement of HACCP Certification of Food Companies

Support of funds needed by food companies for hygiene and safety facilities and equipment [which are eligible for HACCP certification} in Seongnam and increase of HACCP-certified companies

Business Introduction

  • Target
    Food companies in Seongnam which seek [HACCP certification]
  • Content
    Obligatorily applied items for HACCP certification and expenses needed to improve new hygiene and safety facilities (construction costs of environmental hygiene)
  • Location
    In front of auditorium on 7F of SNIP (7F, 8, Seongnam-daero 331beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do)
  • Officer in charge
    Assistant Manager Hwang Seong-ho of Enterprise Development Department Tel. +82-31-782-3055
Support details
Creation of external action environment and enhancement of reliability by applying HACCP certification to food companies in Seongnam
  • Suggestion of countermeasures to companies in Seongnam in accordance with reinforcement of Food Sanitation Act and push for compulsory HACCP certification
  • Relieving cost burdens incurred by the application for HACCP certification and improving corporate competitiveness through early certification
Project summary
- Project period: Feb.-Dec. 2020
- 지원규모 : 5개사
- Support amount: Up to KRW 10 million per company / [75% of total working expenses provided, 25% of corporate burden]
Support contents
  • Provision of environmental improvement expenses for expansion of HACCP certification aimed towards creating a safe food manufacturing environment for food companies in Seongnam
  • Support for establishment of hygiene and safety facilities through the application for HACCP certification
    ※ Total support is paid in advance after agreement is signed [costs necessary for performance guarantee insurance claims and issuance related to the implementation of a project must be paid by companies]