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Training of Field Workers of Food Companies

Contribution to the expansion of HACCP certification based on support for efficient education for companies seeking to apply for HACCP and those subject to HACCP through training support for food companies in Seongnam

Business Introduction

  • Target
    Food companies in Seongnam (HACCP certification) and those seeking HACCP education [Incumbents of food companies]
  • Content
    Regular education and training for HACCP team leader/team members
  • Location
  • Officer in charge
    Assistant Manager Hwang Seong-ho of Enterprise Development Department Tel. +82-31-782-3055
Support details
Contribution to relieving companies' employment difficulties and personnel shortages through the provision of educational programs on hygiene, safety, and quality management based on demand for field-centered education
Project summary
- Project period: Feb.-Dec. 2020
- Education course: Regular education and training of HACCP team leader and members
- Support contents: Provision of education-related lunch and education certificates
※ Certificates are offered when education attendance rate is 80% or higher