SeongNam Industry Promotion Agency

바로 이전페이지로 이동

Friending businesses

To maximize the efficiency of employees' visits, SeongNam Industry Promotion Agency is trying to give new meaning to the purposes of visit and promote the degree of understanding about companies' projects by visiting companies applying for public projects, going above and beyond the pre-existing Biz-Mate list.

Business Introduction

  • Target
    Small- and medium-sized venture companies in Seongnam
  • Content
  • Location
  • Officer in charge
    Assistant Manager Park Jong-heyok of Business Support Department Tel. +82-31-782-3064
Support details
Major contents
  • Operation of SeongNam Biz-Mate
  • Examination of the companies that applied for SNIP's public projects to find out about the status quo, such as current status of enterprise and product development, companies' offices (factories), and whether they are located in Seongnam